Optical laser tweezer setup

Composed of

- Matrix 1064 CW

- AOD system

- Nikon Ti-U inverted microscope

- KP-M1AN Hitachi CCD camera

- CFI Plan Apochromat VC 60x

- PM100D power meter

- PMKIT-22-02 Power meter kit

Confocal system (ERC)

Composed of

- Olympus IX83 inverted microscope


- UPLSAPO 40x, 60xO, 60xW

- DP80 imaging system

- IX3-ZDC system

- Auto stage IX3-SSU

Fluorescent microscope

Composed of

- Nikon Ti-U inverted microscope

- 100W Halogen DIA illuminator

- Cano DSLR camera

- Metal halide lamp 75W, 340-800nm, PhotoFluor LM-75, 89north

- Blue, Green, Red C-FL Epi-Fl filters

Hot stage microscope

Composed of

- GX51 inverted microscope, Olympus

- Transmission/reflection illumination

- 100W halogen bulb

- M plan semi Apochromat objective lens (5x, 10x, 20x, 50x)

- eXcope X-Cam

- Heating plate with CU-301 controller (LCI)

Microfluidic system

Composed of

- TS100F inverted microscope, Nikon

- Phantom Miro Ex2-2GB Mono Camera, 640x480 at 1200fps

Massive droplet generator

Dronic-10E composed of

- Chemical supply system

- Process chamber

- Electrical control module

- Piezo Nozzle (quartz, PEEK)

- Cyclops III LED strobe light source

- Phantom Miro C110 camera


- Biolin Scientific Attension Theta Auto 1B

- Measurements of surface tension and three-phase contact angle

Plasma cleaner

- Harric plasma cleaner 32G-2

- Hydrophilic surface treatment of substrates

- Elimination of surface impurities

Microfluidic flow control system (MFCS)

- Elveflow OB1-4

- Microfluidic flow sensor

- Continuous injection of fluids through microchannels via pressure controller

Micropipette puller

- Micropipette puller, P-1000

- Fabrication of tapered glass capillary tube


- MF-830 Microforge, Narishige

- Using fire-polishing technology, fabricate a tapered glass capillary tube with micrometer orifice size

Conductivity meter

- S230-K with trace kit, SevenCompact conductivity meter, Mettler Toledo

- Measurements of conductivity and pH


- AIS2000C, Seron technology

- Scanning electron microscope

Au coater (ERC)

- gold coater, Seron

- plasma gold sputtering for SEM 


- MiniFlex600, Rigaku

- Measurements of  crystal structure

Zeta-sizer (ERC)

- Zetasizer nano zs, Malvern

- zeta potential, particle size analysis 

UV-Vis spectroscopy (ERC)

- Cary 60, Agilent Technologies

- UV-Vis abosorbance


Raman Microscope

Composed of

- 532 nm, 785 nm laser