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Book Chapters

B. J. Park*, D. Lee and E. M. Furst, “Interactions and conformations of particles at fluid-fluid interfaces”, Chapter of “Particle-stabilized emulsions and colloids”, T. Ngai and S. Bon (Eds), RSC Publishing, Cambridge, UK, 2015 (p8-44). link

Domestic Journal
  1. Su Jin Lee†, Myoung Sang You†, Jin Kyoung Park, Bum Jun Park*, and Sang Hyuk Im*, " Synthesis of metallic gold colored α-Al2O3 nanoplate-TiO2 core-shell pigments with robust and photo-stable smooth TiO2 shell” 
    Applied Chemistry for Engineering, accepted.

  2. B. J. Park, "Behaviors of colloidal particles at fluid-fluid interfaces"
    Polymer Science and Technology (Review), 25, 21-27 (2014). link

  3. B. J. Park, "Attachment energy of Janus particles at fluid-fluid interfaces"
    Korean Chem. Eng. Res. (Review), 51, 655-660 (2013). link 

  4. B. J. Park, "The effect of electrolyte concentration for colloid adsorption toward a fluid-fluid interface"
    Korean Chem. Eng. Res., 51, 527-530 (2013). link

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